Sunday, July 25, 2010

Both Humbled, and Touched

Yesterday was interesting, and God used it to remind me that it is okay to humble yourself and allow others to bless you--even when you know you've done nothing to deserve it.
K graduates on the 20th, and I was greatly looking forward to flying down and seeing him graduate. I like being there for big moments in people's lives, especially when they involve my soon to be husband. Unfortunately, I am also a broke recent college it was looking as though that wasn't going to happen.
While I was at work yesterday, I was talking with my manager to see about possibly picking up more hours to try and make the money for the plane ticket. We had no hours left to allott, so I figured it just wasn't going to be

Well, while I was working, one of my coworkers who had just gotten off her shift asked me to come over the the counter. I thought nothing of it, and went over, expecting to check her out so she could go home.
Instead, she hands me a gift card and says "You're not allowed to say no. You need to be there to see him graduate"
She had overheard my conversation with my manager and she went and bought me a 125 dollar gift card so I could buy the plane ticket. I was so blessed, and so humbled by her actions. It was truly a blessing and I'm honestly still in shock over it!

I'm still waiting on K to call me so I can get the flight figured out, but knowing that I'm probably going to get to be there now makes me so happy. Call me a nerd, but I will do anything to be there for special moments--especially ones that people work so hard to acheive.

In case you can't tell, I am very proud of my fiance. He works so hard and does such a wonderful job at what he does. Sometimes I get frustrated with things regarding his job, but I also know he's doing what he has to---and I will do whatever I can to support him in that and be his biggest cheerleader!

In other news, I'm working on the job search still. I've applied for 4 jobs this morning, and applied for a few more earlier in the week. We'll see if anything comes of it :) I'm just ready to stop making minimum wage (it's time for a new-er car! D'artagnon has been acting up...silly car)

God's timing is perfect. I have to remember that. In every situation.

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