Saturday, July 24, 2010

Learning isn't Always Easy....Neither is Patience

I know I have a long way to go before I get this whole military spouse thing down....thankfully I have 3 more months until that title becomes official, but even then, there are times when I wonder if I'll ever learn. Patience has never been my forte--even as a child, I was always waiting, anxious about something. It seems as though the last few days, I've reverted back to my childhood attitudes....and I honestly dont' have an explanation as to why.
There are days when having K gone really gets to me. If I said I never missed him being here, that would be a lie. Other days, I'm okay with it--because I know it's not much longer and that his absence is only temporary. I think it's mostly in big moments: vacations, big accomplishments, etc-that really make me anxious for him to come home again.
I've been doing a lot of praying recently. Prayer for patience, because Lord knows I have none. My K will be home in less than 28 days....two days ago, that felt like eternity. We will be married in less than 3 me, that still seems like an eternity away.
Patience is a hard thing to learn. Will I ever master it? Lord willing, yes. But only in His strength.

In other news, I am in the process of putting together a rather epic care package for my sweetie. Irene and I went to Target to get the first half of the mayham yesterday--and came out with some rather random, but excellently awesome stuff. I hope K likes sandwich boxes :)
Working at Walgreens does bode well for making care packages. That discount comes in handy when that bill keeps climbing :) I love doing things like that though. I love to bless people and make them smile....and this is the best I know how to do from 900 miles away!!

Speaking of Walgreens, I work today. I enjoy my job there, I really do. The people are wonderful and make me actually look forward to working. Will I be there forever? Doubtful, especially now that I'm looking for full time work....but I have learned a lot working there--about myself, about others, about work ethic
It's been a good experience.

Well, I probably need to finish this up...but I ask of you that you do pray for me, that I can learn patience and that this whole process of my learning will continue to bring K and I closer and be the building blocks to an incredible marriage :)

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