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This is me:

My name is Kim.
I'm a twenty-something with a MA degree I have yet to use with minors in sarcasm, optimism and positivity. I'm also back in school yet again in pursuit of my dream career: becoming a Nurse Midwife.
I can't spell.  truly.  ask my mother.

I have been married to K (aka: Mr. Wonderful, Mr. Handsome, Mr. He's Mine, Mr. Super Stud...you catch my drift here) since October 2010.

If you can't tell by his uniform, K  was in the military at that time.  After five years of service, it was time for new things and we are off paving our new adventures, even though the path isn't always clear.
This life has had its ups and its downs, most of which I'm bluntly and brutally honest about, however, I wouldn't trade our life for the world.

In May 2012, K and I received the wonderful, albeit unexpected surprise that our party of 2 (and a dog) was going to be turned into a party of 3.
E (aka: Peanut) was born in January 2013.

And this meticulously planned, perfect life that I had going was turned upside down.

In October 2014, little sister V (aka: Nugget) joined us.

Being a mother to two precious little girls has been the most incredible journey.  Coupled with my crazy, fast-paced, busy life balancing work as a doula and breastfeeding educator, going to school, valuing our marriage-even though we are separated by an ocean
, figuring out this parenting thing and maintaining my sanity...all while keeping God in the center--I've learned very quickly how imperfect I really am.
and I am constantly learning that this is okay!

Join me on my journey.  Let me share my passions, adventures, lessons and moments with you.

Because life is too short not to live it to the fullest.

Photo courtesy of Maiden Musgrove Photography

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