Sunday, December 5, 2010

Where to Even Begin?

Well, it's been a while since I last posted, but the last 3 months have been absolutely crazy! I'll do my best to update you with what all has happened and where we are now.
My fabulous car is still (miraculously) running. It wouldn't start from July until the end of October, but for some reason, it's working again. So no complaints. I had to live with Mom and Dad for the last 3 months before the wedding, which was challenging having been on my own for so long, but was also a blessing being able to spend time with the family before I got married.
September was crazy! We had lots of wedding things to take care of and it was time for lots of fun!

Bridal Shower

Kris Perry and I have known each other for quite some time, and she blessed me by hosting my Bridal Shower on September 18th. We did a Garden Party themed brunch and it was wonderful! We had delicious homemade breads, quiche, fruits and mimosas, and felt very pampered!

Here are the cute place settings that were at each table
Kris also did a short Bible study before we started opening gifts, which meant so much to me, as it was a reminder of the blessing of marriage. I was so blessed by all the women who came to the party, and we had a blast! Konstantin and I received so many fabulous gifts and I had a wonderful time putting them in our apartment!

One of the fabulous gifts we got

Bachelorette Party
On September 24th, Kylie and my other bridesmaids hosted my bachelorette party. We wanted to keep things pretty classy and it ended up being a super fun night! Kylie, Sarah and Reagan decked me out pretty well (I felt pretty ridiculous, but it was all in good fun)

Once they were done with the good humored humiliation, we headed out to Gristanti's for dinner. It was scrumptious and I had a blast having all of my ladies there. Our server was hilarious and I even had a little girl come up to me and her mom said "She thinks you're a real princess, would it be okay if she hugs you?" So cute!
After dinner, we headed back to Grandma's basement where games galore began. It was so much fun-we did The Price is Right and made wedding dresses from toilet paper. The girls went all out for that, and that game became one of the highlights of the evening!

Most of the ladies after dinner

Making wedding dresses
We headed out to Whiskey Tango that night for some serious dancing. It was so fun--and there were 3 other bachelorette parties going on there too. However, my ladies got treated the best, getting lots of free drinks and shoutouts throughout the evening. Again, I think a lot of it was because we were keeping it so classy.

Kylie and I turned 22 September 23. Twenty-two doesn't feel any different from 21.

Well, enough for now. I'll post again soon. I can hardly wait to tell about the wedding--it was truly one of the best days of our lives.

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