Saturday, December 18, 2010

Looking Forward to the Holidays...and Introducing:

We have a new addition :) My incredible husband bought me the world's most adorable (and naughty) puppy for Christmas. Meet Meshka (pronounced Mee-sh-kah):

Meshka means "little bear" in Russian. We figured it fit her pretty well, since she's super fluffy and adorable :) Meshka is 7 weeks old and we knew she was the one for us when we found out her birthday was October 23, 2010--yes, our wedding day! She is half English Shephard, half Belgian Tervuren. And we love her dearly--even when she has accidents on the floor.

K has one more day of work and then he is off for an entire week! It's going to be weird having him home that much! We are looking forward to family bonding time :) There will be a total of 6 Christmases that we get to attend, including ours, so it will definately be a holiday to remember!

Speaking of the holidays, I've done some decorating:

We are having lots of fun adjusting to married life and are looking forward to celebrating our first Christmas together! If I don't post again before Christmas, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a blessed Christmas!
With love,
The Gazaryans

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