Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're Kind of Hoping for a Pony...

You will have to forgive my lack of updating.  I have learned that pregnancy does a number of things that you don't necessarily anticipate...
...such as feeling like the energy fairies have stolen the last of your supply.

I sleep a lot.

But, I am growing a baby and growing I am doing:

This was taken at 20 weeks, 1 day pregnant.  Hard to believe this is the halfway mark.  Tomorrow marks 21 weeks and the countdown to baby truly begins.

We had our gender reveal party on Sunday.  We had so much fun planning and preparing to surprise everyone.  Little one was plenty cooperative at our 18 week ultrasound, so we had hard evidence to support our big announcement.

Here is a picture of the little one.  Sweet baby didn't like having its picture taken and refused to move for us during the ultrasound.  Mommy and daddy have a very lazy baby on their hands!Regardless, we were able to arm ourselves with the necessary boy or girl information and off to our local HyVee we went.

We had the cake and food

Proper decorum

And lots of family and friends

                                                                      Team Pink

                                                                      Team Blue

So who would be the winners?  Team Blue or Team Pink?  The vast majority said boy (me included) and K went with girl.
The big moment arrived and everyone waited with much anticipation

The middle of the cake was PINK!  Everyone was so excited to finally know what Baby G was going to be.

The running joke this pregnancy has been that we are hoping for a velocoraptor or a pony.  My sister was able to find this gem for me to wear to the party.  We were definately able to garner some great laughs!

So while we aren't having a pony, I think I can handle having a little girl instead!

In other news:

We moved out of the apartments finally.  While we tried to find somewhere off base, our limited timeframe prevented us from finding a place suitable for our needs.  We were blessed with a lovely on base home and both puppies love our new house, the extra space and the backyard.  I am still getting used to all of this space!

I graduated with my Master's degree last month.  It was rather anti-climactic, but I did get a high five from my husband.
I figure that's a decent trade off.

Now that life is slowing down, I am really able to sit back and enjoy being pregnant.  We have recently begun to feel our little girl move and when she wants to be wiggly, the world will know.  We are also noticing a common theme in all of our ultrasounds:

Orthodontists are are going love our family!

So, in a nutshell, life is wonderful.  Pregnancy is wonderful.  My husband is wonderful.  God is wonderful.
It's a blessed life, even if we aren't getting a pony ;)

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